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I have started to do some search and I see that from one website to another, the price doubles.In fact EVERY drive we made came in at 25-50% longer than I had planned based on Google Maps times.

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Most car rental websites ending ( include it in the quote online.Call Card Benefit Services at 800 356-8955 to obtain a letter that states that Chase is the PRIMARY insurer.To help you decide whether you should opt for the insurance offered by rental car companies, consider the following.I will be doing some follow up, but if you have the terms of your rental printed out with information about the Worldmaster card coverage that should help your case if you want to follow up with your credit card company or Europcar to dispute the charges.It was accurate although we found a more direct road on occasion as you do with a gps.I think to decline insurance in Ireland and cover it with a card you need a letter from your credit card provider confirming coverage.

I try to plan our trips 4-5 months in advance and I scour multiple websites to find the best car rental price.For the next 15 days, including the UK, we had a total of about 3 hours of daytime rain.

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The main inter-regional motorways in IE are as wide and modern as any you will find in any major country, but not long after you exit you will easily find yourself on some of the most narrow and winding ways anywhere.In the meantime, the couple who arrived much after us was given a Ford Focus.It rarely gets hot enough to call for spending extra money on it.Our favorite maps are Ordinance Survey Ireland maps and can be found in most tourist offices.We also got a prepaid cell from Tesco for about the same price.Useful information when purchasing a car rental insurance. Steps to take regarding car rental insurance.

I had to send them all the receipts and fill out a claim form just last week.My question is would you have a take your luggage with you or is there a place you rent to leave it.When filling up the tank, check which type of fuel the car requires.Again, I so appreciate this site because this is something I would have been blind-sided by once we arrived.Hey, thanks very much for describing your experience with renting with the Chase Sapphire Preferred card.

Before you log onto the rental car web site or pick up the loaner at the counter, you should...We are arriving on a Saturday Morning in Dublin and planning on.Really comprehensive info on what can be a bit of a complicated issue in Ireland what with airport surcharges, other additional fees and the fact that automatic cars are much more expensive to rent.

We drove to Drogheda and it was terrifying, even for my even keeled husband.Our car in IE came with the Garmin portable that you sitck on the windshield and it was SPOT ON for every destination we threw at it from Dublin all the way out to Dingle and all the way up to tiny little Cong and everywhere in between.

A Comprehensive Guide to Renting a Car in Ireland. A word or 2 about using the World MasterCard and declining the car rental insurance: I checked with my card.They publish all the costs upfront and you know exactly what it is going to cost.Several participants in this forum, including me, have used the insurance that comes with the Chase Sapphire card which allowed us to completely decline all coverage which saved us a fair amount of money.

Then you will want to read the terms and conditions to see how much Super CDW would be (to get your liability to as low as it could be).DO NOT LET THEM TALK YOU INTO ANY OTHER COVERAGE as you DO NOT NEED IT.I went straight to the top at Hertz with a letter to the president and was given high level attention.

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I have been on the fence about doing a Hawk Walk in Ireland, but everyone who does them seems to love it.

We are flying into Shannon from the US and will be focusing on the west coast.I debated splitting up the content into two posts, but one of the reasons I created Infinite Ireland was to be sure first-time travelers to Ireland would have all the information in one place.Only other thing I would reiterate would be to get the smallest possible van that will comfortably and safely accommodate 6 people.I hope this is helpful to you and I know you are going to have an amazing time.In case something were to happen, you still have support in country.It leaves you with only one provider choice and paying whatever they want, but it is at least an option.

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Listed below are the rental agencies that I am aware of at the Shannon and Dublin airports.If you buy rental car insurance from a rental car agency, or use your own car insurance, make certain you have enough coverage to pay for expensive repairs.

Finally, 2015 has been a bit cooler than normal I understand.So, in summary, the rep at Europcar in Dublin (1 Mark St) could not have been any nicer.This is poor customer service and I would not recommend Dooley Car Rental.

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I have two credit cards through Chase that cover the insurance, the Sapphire Preferred and the United Mileage Plus Explorer.Either T1 or T2 at Dublin Airport which both have counters in the Arrival Hall, downtown they have a location at North Circular Road and South Circular Road, If you are staying in Dublin and then heading to Kilkenny make your reservation for the South Circular Road location.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window) Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window) Click to print (Opens in new window).In addition, I found several expired promo codes that indicate that Easy Tour occasionally offers renters a free GPS or free additional driver.

When planing the trip I thought 2 days in Dublin sounded good.The Garmin was full touchscreen, highly intuitive, and for sure what we would request on our next visit.It really was a great car- quite sporty, new, well appointed.Further Google searches led to threads on Tripadvisor and another board that gave generally good reviews with several people noting no additional charges at the rental counter at pickup and no credit card charges even if the vehicle was returned with damage, suggesting the super cover is legitimate.Over the years I have rented cars in Ireland and the rules seem to continually change.However, it is certainly worth checking int at cost savings you mention.So it sounds like we would be allowed to rent a car in Dublin and take it on the ferry to Hollyhead and keep it in Wales for a number of days.However, I would say know exactly what you are paying for now (print the terms and conditions that details what you paid for) and know how much to expect to pay extra at the rental car (petrol, airport tax, excess insurance, gps, car seat, etc).

All the information on it is standard and pretty straight forward.Any additional tips or advice you can pass along would be so welcome.According to an earlier post by Jan, the only reliable, transparent site for such estimates is which puts the whole thing at around 113 euros, excluding gas.If you are interested in reading any of them you can fine them under my profile at.Yes you definitely can drop of your car in another city or airport.

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